Clark - Mixing Business with Leisure


Clark: Mixing Business and Leisure


Whether its leisure after business, business as leisure, or business in leisure you fancy, in Clark numerous choices awaits even the most discriminating business traveler or visitor. Duty free shopping, fine dining to unwind after a hard days work? Choose from the several duty free shops and numerous


bars and restaurants located inside the secured boundaries of the zone.

Mix business, leisure and fitness in any of the world-class championship golf courses at the Mimosa Fontana Resort and Country Clubs. Accommodation is never a problem; stay at the Holiday Inn Clark, the Mimosa, Montevista or Fontana Villas for premium service for very reasonable rates. Loads of choices, and you havenít left the economic zone yet.


Step out of Clark and literally thousands more adventures, and destinations await you in the place where celebration is a way of life. Enjoy sky diving, off-road driving, or go on an aerial tour of Mt. Pinatubo, over the weekend maybe? Join the thrill of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in February, marvel the world-renown Cutud Lenten Rites in March or April, the colorful Apung Iru Fluvial Festival in June, Fiestang Kuliat in October, or the longest Christmas celebration culminating with the Giant Lantern Festival of San Fernando. The possibilities are year round as they are limitless. You can even make leisure your business should you invest in any of housing, leisure and tourism-related investment packages available. Who sayís that one should not mix business with leisure. At Clark, how to mix work with play may be the more difficult choice. Worry not, the Marketing Department is on stand-by and ready to assist you in your next business-with-leisure trip.

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